Saturday, December 9, 2017

One Wish and How I Spent It

So I've been in a creative funk lately. It's not a recent happening. I've been feeling funky for a long time now. I'm not a big believer in writer's block, as I believe in correct application of the will and the "butt in chair" philosophy of getting things done. This isn't working so well, lately.

Maybe I need to engage another hemisphere of my brain? Maybe I don't need will, but maybe I need inspiration? I'm not certain. Deadlines are looming, and I have to find a gentle way of getting going again.

I thought I might try something different. I picked up Sage Goddess's "One Wishing Set" a few weeks ago. I thought I might use my one wish for wealth, happiness, or something nobler, like learning to read the minds of the feral cats who wander my back yard. Want to know what I wished for instead?

I wished to be a prolific writer. I think if I can just do the work, and do it without procrastination, that good things will come. So I finally lit my candle tonight and ringed it with a simple crystal grid of fluorite, peacock ore, rainforest jasper, lemurian quartz, carnelian, and snowflake obsidian. I rubbed some Desidera perfume on my wrists, and committed to lighting the candle and getting my stuff done over the next thirty days.

The best magic sends the signal out into the universe, but also gives us a way to act on it in the real world. I'm hoping that I can fuse the two and get back into my creative groove.

What do you think? Did I waste a wish? Do you have any awesome remedies for overcoming that "I don't wanna!" feeling? Let me know in the comments!

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