Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sowing the Seeds of New Growth

We had an unseasonably warm day today, and I took the chance to catch up on a few things in the garden. This time of year, I’m full of plans for what I’ll do in the future. I draw pictures and diagrams in my journal for what I want to create in not only the garden during the coming warm months, but also plans for work, home, and creative projects

It was so warm that I sat out on our patio without a coat and got my seed trays set up. I planted seeds for cherry and beefsteak tomatoes, sage, oregano, yarrow, and a couple different kinds of basil. I had bought a packet or green bell peppers, but it wound up only containing two seeds, so I’ve left room in the seed trays for additions.

While I was planting, I tried to keep in mind all the plans that I want to bring to fruition over the next several months. As I poked each seed into the soil, I thought about how a lot of our works are about planning, but also knowing when to trust that the seed knows what it’s doing. Properly cared for, the seed knows that it’s going to become a tomato plant. My job is just to give it good conditions to grow: fertile soil, light, water, fresh circulating air. Four elements are needed, just like they’re needed for any project.

I’m thinking about a writing project that I’m going to start soon, about creating conditions for it to grow easily. I know that I need to set a schedule, which is an earthlike, practical container for the work to happen. I need to do my research, which respects air. I need to keep the fires of motivation going. And I have to manage my emotions, which is where water comes in. I have to remember to not get discouraged, to be open to flow.

Hopefully, the writing will come together as my seedlings are sprouting. It really helps me to have a tangible signal to remind me of what I’m working on. Most of the time, that’s a symbol of the project on my altar or on my workspace. This time, it will be a little different – it will literally be growing at the same time I’m working. A little extra magic always helps!  

What projects are you working on this spring? 

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