Saturday, February 11, 2017

Hello and Welcome!

Hello, Beautiful Soul!

Thanks for stopping by Belle, Book and Bramble. Belle, Book and Bramble is dedicated to the small workings of magic in everyday life. Magic is all around us – in the flowers of the garden, in cooking delicious things, in a fresh stack of books - in all the beautiful things that we create as we move through our days. Belle, Book and Bramble intends to share some of the creativity of ordinary life, and reveal some of the magic within all of us.

Magic isn’t just something practiced at full and new moons. It’s a lifestyle. It’s in handfuls of salt and colors of paint. It’s in the tomatoes I grow, in the perfume I wear, and the feather I found this morning. It’s all around us, waiting to be seen and experienced.

I hope you enjoy coming to play with me, that you come and share your own magical, creative spark that lights up your world.

Much love and light,
“Belle,” your Suburban Hedgewitch

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