Saturday, February 11, 2017

Citrine: Frozen Sunshine

It’s February, and in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s cold enough to freeze the water on the birdbath and my eyelashes to my face. Spring seems very far off, no matter what the groundhog has to say about the matter. I like to remember the beautiful warmth of sunshine with citrine.

Citrine is a remarkable stone. The lore associated with it involves prosperity, creativity, and light. I keep a piece on my desk for mental clarity, and one on my altar for prosperity. I try to tuck a nugget of it in my box of stones, as it never needs clearing or cleansing. I personally think it helps to keep other stones clear and crisp. This particularly zingy double-terminated wand, one of my favorite stones, gets a lot of use drawing magic circles and drawing the quarters. The double termination reminds me of the “as above, so below” principle of alchemy, and I like having a few double-terminated crystals around to symbolize that link between earth and sky.

For long winter nights like these, I like to put a piece in a hot bath with a handful of Epsom salts and some citrus-y essential oils. I light a yellow candle, sink up to my neck, and imagine soaking in a pool in August.

How do you remember sunshine during these cold days? Are there things that always remind you of sunshine? 

With love and light,

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