Friday, June 2, 2017

Potions from Avalon

I adore a good essential oil blend. There’s nothing that calms me quite like a delicious smell…there’s something really decadent about soaking in a good scent. Maybe it’s because it’s invisible, and because only people really close to you get a whiff. It’s magic in that way, right?

I met the lovely owner of Apothecary of Avalon while in High Priestess training this past year. While priestessing has been a multi-year journey for me (and a long story for another time), I have met many wonderful priestess sisters and teachers on the journey. Pixi is a lovely soul and a master potion-maker, and she puts so much care into her work.

So far I’ve tried three of her blends. They’re full of lovely stuff – essential oils, crystals, and reiki blessings. Her Energy Balance potion is wonderful. It’s bright and clear and smells like a clear morning in a bottle. I just got her Manifesting Abundance blend, and I love it. It’s citrusy and powerful, and really gets the juice going. It’s sparkly and glittery! The two of these layer wonderfully together.

But I have a favorite. That’s Pixi’s Lady of the Lake Protective spray. I’ve been drawn to the Lady of the Lake for a while now, and the idea of it spoke to me. But when I opened the bottle, this was everything I was looking for in a scent. I wear it every day now. It’s sweet, spicy, and hits all the right notes. It feels like coming home, as if it’s sunshine and All Good Things sinking into one’s skin. Once I got my first bottle, I had to order three more. It’s that good. 

I can’t wait to try Pixi’s new things! I’m hooked. I hope you’ll try out her wonderful creations, too! 


  1. I just purchased the Lady of the Lake Protective spray. It sounds like exactly what I need in my life right now. Positivity.

    Can't wait to take my first sniff of the spicy scent :-)

    1. You will love it, I promise! It reminds me very much of orange clove, which is a scent I always love.