Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Summer Solstice Subscription Box from Mystic Muse

We all need a little extra magic in life, right?

I’ve been trying to do some better self-care, and decided to sign up for the @mysticmusebox at CrateJoy. I haven’t done subscription boxes before, but I’ve been tempted. I like being pleasantly surprised, and I thought this one would be right up my alley.

I got the Summer Solstice box, which includes all kinds of goodies for next week’s big shebang. The box is a very nice presentation, and looks like this: 

There’s some Bad Girl Good Tea in the Flower Crown flavor, which is really sweet and pleasant with a dollop of honey. Since I’ve been fighting a sore throat, I’ve been face down in this. It’s a lovely texture and fragrance, a nice light tea with green and white leaves, rose, fruit, and other goodies.

I got two stones, a yellow jasper and an ice agate. The yellow jasper is for positivity, and the ice agate is for intellectual balance. Both are very nice tumbled sizes that feel good in my hands.

The Summer Solstice candle included in the box is my favorite thing in the box. It smells like mandarin and verbena. Can’t wait to burn this next week!

There’s a cute sunflower print, a summer solstice pin, and an aromatherapy oil. The aromatherapy oil is meant to be balancing, but it is very, very heavily patchouli. I’ll give it a go in baths and lurking around the house, but it’s a little strong for everyday wear.

I’ll be curious to see what comes in next month’s box, if there will be a theme. Hoping for more stones and candles!

Do you have any mystical subscription boxes to recommend? 


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