Saturday, August 12, 2017

Plentiful Earth's #30DaysMagicalRoots Challenge Day 12: Deity

Today's challenge is about Deity. As in, do I believe that there is one, more than one, have a favorite...

I think that pretty much everything is a facet of Deity, from the sparrows eating birdseed in my yard to the stream a block away. But I very much enjoy the various guises Deity takes in old an new mythologies.

One of my favorites is the goddess Seshat. She was the ancient Egyptian goddess of writing, Mistress of the House of Books. She is responsible for surveying, for recording lifespans, and for astrology. She's often depicted with a seven-pointed star over her head, dressed in a cheetah skin. There's a short funerary prayer to her in the Coffin Texts that translates to: "Seshat opens the door of heaven." 


  1. I believe in one God. Definitely monotheistic. I also believe that everything in this Universe is made of spirit. I worship one God yet I do respect all spirits. Respect of people & things is a thing of the past! I know my God but more importantly He knows me!

    1. I love this! Many hugs and much delight in your spiritual journey!